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Will my apple tree produce a lot of apples?

Our aim here is to give you the opportunity to dominate your area with the tremendous power of a consistently producing orchard.

Ideally, plant as many fruit trees as possible while still keeping your food plots balanced, as you think that through know this food source is extremely valuable to your overall plan.

That way you are likely to have apples even in December when your deer will be pawing through the snow to get to that tree candy that only fruit trees can provide.

We do believe that 100 trees if you have the room is a good number and takes a lot less space than most people assume it does.  

Once fully established your orchard will likely average 10-20 bushels a tree, baring a spring frost limiting event.

Our test sites have been running 7 Bushels per trees in year 8 as a group.

After screening threw thousands of seedlings in our advanced breeding programs rest assured all cultivars are consistently heavy bearers.   

It is best to not let the trees hold fruit the first 3 years (simple pluck off the fruit) after planting as over producing can stunt (keep it artificially small) fruit trees.

It good to remember that these trees are likely to live in excess of 100 years.