Our Conservation Efforts

Gingerich Tree Farm specializes in conservation and wildlife habitat tree planting projects for CRP, WRP, CReP, and WHIP.  If you have property enrolled in any of these Government programs, call us for an opportunity to not only bid on your project, but we can also offer advice to help you create the best habitat on these acres without costing you any more money.

We also can help with food plots, native grass seeding, TSI – pruning, spraying, and removal of vegetation and invasive species.

Some of the available species


  • Oaks – Swamp White, Bur, Red
  • Tulip Polar
  • Bald Cypress
  • Nuts – ChineseChestnuts, Pecan, Persimmon
  • American Plum
  • Silky Dogwood
  • Eastern Red Cedar

These varieties are available in 1-3 gallon root pruning pots and bareroot.

Fruit Trees

  • Apple – several varieties
  • Keiffer Pear
  • Crabapple

Fruit trees are available in 5-gallon pots.

Other Items

  • Miscanthus Giganteus