We are very excited to have at your disposal Andy Andreas our Master Apple breeder. Don Higgins has made Andy a consultant on his dream team. If your serious about doing orchard establishment consider having Andy do a site visit for you.      Andy’s contact info

Are Chestnut trees good for deer

Timber type Chestnuts  These fast growing beautiful giants are likely to reach the heights of the largest Oaks.  Chestnuts begin to drop in mid-September generally continuing about the 3 week of October    Chestnut trees cannot be planted on wet areas or were water is app to stand for any length of time. A little […]

Are Pear trees good eating for deer

We are excited to also be offering some excellent Pear offerings. Ideally these will be purchased in groups of 3, 1 mid-season pear and 2 late season Pears. These 2 high sugar picks come with the high disease resistance and vigorousness our plant breeder demands. With these 2 picks your pollination requirements are covered.

Which trees should I plant?

We have done all the work for you. testttttttttttttttttttt There is no need for you to try to figure which is best for you. We want you to have fruit starting in September then running deep into November and with even December pickups available for the deer.

Can I plant crops around them?

As you lay out your Orchard keep in mind that you will never want to disk or till under your fruit trees as the roots begin just under the soil and generally match the trees canopy. Consider planting clover as it makes a great choice for your orchard as it is nitrogen fixing and creates […]

Will my apple tree produce a lot of apples?

Our aim here is to give you the opportunity to dominate your area with the tremendous power of a consistently producing orchard. Ideally, plant as many fruit trees as possible while still keeping your food plots balanced, as you think that through know this food source is extremely valuable to your overall plan. That way […]

How far apart should I space apple trees in my orchard.

A 30 ft grid is a good minimum distance, and it gives you shooting lanes. On a decent site with full sun the trees will ultimately be creating a canopy that will keep other vegetation from competing with your orchard site. Pear trees can be planted on a 20′ grid as they have more upright […]

How many fruit trees should I plant?

 A 1 acre area with plenty of spacing will hold 50 Apple trees. Pears can go on a 20Ft grid as they have a much more upright growth tendency.  We do recommend a 2 acre planting or 100 trees, these could be in multiple sites or all in one location.

How big will the trees get?

We have done everything possible to give you the largest trees possible. There will be some variation in size of the trees that is dependent on your soil type and the fertility of your ground. Some of our cultivars have very upright growth tendency’s and can ultimately reach 30 ft. Some trees grow more rounded […]