About Gingerich Tree Farm

Our Story

Gingerich Tree Farm & Wildlife Tree Nursery are under the Outdoor Resources, Inc. umbrella.  All companies are family-owned and based in Arthur, Illinois, the “Heart of Amish Country.”  We purchased the balled and burlapped tree business in 2015 and the conservation & potted tree business in 2017 from Higgins Tree Farm in Gays, Illinois. We have expanded both businesses to approximately 50 acres of shade and landscape trees and grow 12,000 plus potted trees each year. Each year we also plant thousands of trees in CRP projects around the Midwestern USA.

Creating and enhancing deer habitat is a large part of our business utilizing bareroot, potted, balled & burlapped trees and switchgrass & miscanthus rhizomes. We grow a variety of evergreen, ornamental, shade & landscape trees in our nursery which we sell to individuals, businesses, and landscape contractors. We offer delivery and planting of our trees for those needing those services. We are also an authorized dealer of Real World Wildlife Products.

We do not dig our trees until the customer places their order.  Trees can only be dug when they are dormant, which is general from late October through the winter until April 1st.  This timing varies from year to year and by tree species.  Once trees have started to bud out in the spring they can no longer be dug until fall when they lose their leaves and go dormant. We strive to make sure all of the trees we sell have the very best chance of survival at their new home. 

The majority of our customers will place their order in late summer to early fall, and we will then dig (and plant if needed) their trees as soon as conditions are right and our schedule allows. 

If you have any questions, would like to place an order, or even visit our farm, please give us a call at 217-717-2534.

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