Introducing Andy Andreas

Our advanced trees are the culmination of 20 years worth of work by our Apple Breeder,  Andy Andreas of Ohio. Andy has owned multiple apple orchards in his career, the most important of which was the property with over 200 apple varieties, located in central Ohio. It was his observations there, from what he calls […]

Gingerich Tree Farm

We are a family-owned tree nursery (Jay & Loretta Gingerich) based in Arthur, Illinois, the “Heart of Amish Country.” In 2015 we purchased the business from Higgins Tree Farm in Gays, Illinois. We have expanded the business to approximately 50 acres of shade and landscape trees. We also grow thousands of potted oak trees, fruit […]

“Jehovah’s” Choice, Apple (Available 2026)

Will be available for preorder Summer of 2024, shipping spring of 2026 This specific tree in our breeding program has the beauty to compete even in the grocery store aisle, with its solid deep red coloring. It ripens when the Gala Apple ripens, which is mid-September. The First Choice Apple attains the high levels of […]

“Steady Eddie” Apple (Available 2026)

Available for preorder summer of 2024, Shipping spring of 2026 Ripening in mid-October,  this apple has the distinction of being Don Higgins’ favorite eating apple, as far as taste goes. Steady Eddie is a consistent producer of apples, and caught our eye early in field trials for dependable crop loads, as well as excellent for […]

“Rut Master” & “Red Dawn” Apple trees for deer

For Spring 2024 we are offering you 2 very late apples. These 2 cultivars are Red Dawn and Rut Master both with excellent disease resistance and good growth rate. Our Red Dawn & Rut Master apple trees are very similar, differing only in color. Red Dawn being a red apple, and Rut Master being green […]


We are very excited to have at your disposal Andy Andreas our Master Apple breeder. Don Higgins has made Andy a consultant on his dream team. If your serious about doing orchard establishment consider having Andy do a site visit for you.      Andy’s contact info

Are Chestnut trees good for deer

Timber type Chestnuts  These fast growing beautiful giants are likely to reach the heights of the largest Oaks.  Chestnuts begin to drop in mid-September generally continuing about the 3 week of October    Chestnut trees cannot be planted on wet areas or were water is app to stand for any length of time. A little […]