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Where is a good spot to plant fruit trees on my place?

Key Considerations to an excellent fruit tree plot:

  1. Full sun, out in the open away from existing trees 20 ft is good minimum distance from existing timber.
  2. Staying away from walnut trees as they produce a toxin called Juglone that is harmful to Apple trees 40 ft is a good number to distance your trees from walnut trees.
  3. Areas such as swamps or where the ground is consistently wet is not a good place for fruit trees.
  4. If you have relatively higher elevations are generally preferred as they have less spring frost events. Low areas can be frost pockets that aren’t ideal for a blooming fruit tree.
  5. If there is any grade to your ground or you have a large flat area where rain does not congregate or pool from run off, is a good place to locate your fruit trees. Spacing your trees