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“Rut Master” & “Red Dawn” Apple trees for deer

For Spring 2024 we are offering you 2 very late apples.

These 2 cultivars are Red Dawn and Rut Master both with excellent disease resistance and good growth rate.

Our Red Dawn & Rut Master apple trees are very similar, differing only in color. Red Dawn being a red apple, and Rut Master being green to yellow when ripe. Both bring remarkable, unparalleled disease resistance, as well as consistent crops. Red Dawn offers a little more sweetness to the mix, and Rut Master holds its apples like no other. In North Central Ohio, it’s not unusual to see the Rut Master holding fruit throughout most of December. What these apples have that make them so desirable, is that both ripen very late, or around November 1st. This affords you the ability to hunt your orchard site during the rut! As we all well know, bucks will be where the does are, during the rut. When you have these trees dropping 10 to 20 bushels of apples at their maturity, that means there are plenty of apples to go around.  Leaving deer digging through the snow for apples throughout December, and even into January in some locations!

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