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“The Booner” Chestnut


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We have spared no time or expense in acquiring for you the best genetics available in Chestnut Trees. Our seed originates from what may be the most well-tested most advanced Vigorous and Hardy Chestnuts in all of North America. From isolated blocks of seed trees that have been assembled by the leading tree breeders of Chestnut trees. These trees exhibit a tall, straight growth form combined with excellent disease resistance. Prolific bearers of chestnuts should commence producing chestnuts at the age of 3-5 years. The window of drop time is very long for “The Booner” Chestnut. The Chestnut seed size will vary, tree size will range between 20 ft to 50 ft in height. Plant in full sun for best results. These chestnuts are excellent eating for humans as well as deer. Direct the deer in your area to your location with the sweetest and most prolific nuts in all of Nature.