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“Jehovah’s Choice” Apple


Product Details

“Jehovah’s Choice” Apple. This product of our breeding program has the beauty to compete even in the Grocery store aisle with its solid deep red coloring. It ripens when the Gala Apple ripens in mid-September. It attains the high levels of sugar needed to make your place a more desirable place to be than your neighbors. This apple ripening date is designed to give you the edge you need when there is that target buck about to shed his velvet who frequents you and the neighbor’s property. Its ripening date is designed to hold the big one and give you the chance to get it done early. We were very confident from our advanced field trials with this cultivar that its disease resistance was very high. When a major University came out and observed our trees, they asked to take leaf samples for advanced DNA analysis and we agreed, and the results were simply astounding. The results showed the “Jehovah’s Choice” Apple with the DNA markers found for disease resistance extremely high. It’s important to note that after becoming ripe Jehovah will drop apples for about 6 weeks. In north Central Ohio, that means apples dropping through most all of October.