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Dogwood (Silky)


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  • Cornus amomum is a deciduous shrub growing to (16+12 ft) tall. The leaves are opposite, up to (4 in) long and (2+34 in) broad, oval with an acute apex. The flowers are produced in cymes. The fruit is a small blue drupe. Cornus amomum usually blooms between May and June, producing four-petalled showy yellowish white flowers. Cornus amomum leaves are rusty brown and pubescent, occurring opposite from one another and usually having between 4 and 5 veins per leaf side. If Cornus amomum is left unattended it will grow to create thickets and thick vegetative areas.
  • When planted, the use of organic materials to maintain a wet environment will help the shrub when insufficient water is present. Cornus amomum grows near or around creeks or water systems.