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Dogwood (Grey)


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  • Dogwoods are either trees or shrubs, Gray dogwood is a native shrub. Although many dogwoods, even native species, are often affected by many pests and diseases, this is not the case with the gray dogwood. It’s a healthy variety that resists the diseases common to many dogwoods.

  • The gray dogwood’s numerous small, creamy white flowers are less showy than the ones of the flowering dogwood, but it compensates by being relatively disease-free and highly adaptable to many difficult conditions, such as dry, wet, or poor soil.

    If you are looking for a low-maintenance shrub in a non-formal landscape, gray dogwood is a good choice. It will also make the birds happy—almost 100 species of birds eat the berries, and use it for shelter and nesting. However, bear in mind that gray dogwood needs space to spread in every direction. It sends out rapidly growing suckers from the original plant so it should be planted in a naturalized setting where it is allowed to form colonies. It is excellent for screening or planted along ponds and embankments, where it provides erosion control.