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  • Chokecherry, (Prunus virginiana), deciduous shrub or small tree belonging to the rose family and native to North America It is aptly named for the astringent acidic taste of its reddish cherries, which may be made into jelly and preserves. The plant has a long history of use among indigenous people; it is an important source of food and medicine and has a number of ceremonial uses. The stones and foliage are poisonous and may contain hydrocyanic acid in varying amounts.

    Physical description

    The plant grows to a height of 6 meters (20 feet), producing hanging spikes of disagreeably scented white flowers. The slender brown twigs also have an unpleasant odor and a bitter taste as well. The bark is brown or gray, smooth on new growth but becoming scaly with age. The astringent fruits are drupes and range in color from red to black. Chokecherries often form dense thickets on moist soils and are frequently attacked and defoliated by eastern tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americanum).