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American Plum


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  • The American plum grows as a large shrub or small tree, reaching up to (15 feet).
  • It is adapted to coarse- and medium-textured soils, but not to fine soils (silt or clay). Beneficially, the shrub survives harsh winters, down to temperatures of -40 degrees (Fahrenheit); but has little tolerance for shade, drought, or fire. Its growth is most active in spring and summer; it blooms in spring and starts fruiting in summer. It propagates naturally by seed, expanding as relatively slowly, due to its long time to maturity when grown from seed. The roots are shallow, widely spread, and send up suckers. The numerous stems per plant become scaly with age. The tree has a crown width and height of 10 feet at maturity The branches are thorny. The leaves are alternately arranged, with an oval shape. The leaf length is usually (2–4 inches) long. The upper surface of the leaf is dark green; the underside is smooth and pale. The small white flowers with five petals occur singly or in clusters in the leaf axils. The globular fruits are about (1 in) in diameter.