Maple Trees

Autumn Blaze



This is our most popular and bestselling shade tree due to its extremely fast growth and great fall color. Autumn Blaze is a cross between Red Maple and Silver Maple. As a hybrid is doesn't get the "Whirly-bird" seeds common with other maples.

Mature height is 50' and spread is 40'

Shelinas Beauty



A Red Maple-Silver Maple hybrid like the Autumn Blaze Maple tree, Shelina's Beauty™ is just as trouble-free and adaptable as that popular tree... but a whole lot snazzier! Each leaf is unique with varying degrees of yellow mixed with green with the added beauty of variegated leaves.

Mature height is 35' to 40' and spread is 30'

Red Sunset



A red maple cultivar selected and propagated for its brilliant red fall foliage. For decades one of the most widely used trees in the landscape. A truly classic red maple cultivar! Red Sunset is slower growing than Autumn Blaze but with a denser branching structure.

 Mature height is 35' and spread is 25'

Sugar Maple



Also known as (hard maple). Fall color ranges from yellow to deep orange. Sugar Maples grow slower than the red maple cultivars but are longer lived with hardwood that is more resistant to storm damage. 

Mature height is 80' and spread is 50'

Sun Valley-Sold Out



A Red Maple cultivar that is a result of a Red Sunset and Autumn Flame cross, this USDA selection shows all of the exceptional fall colors of both trees. Sun Valley is one of our favorite trees for brilliant fall color. Most years the foliage will be an almost florescent red color in the fall.
Mature height is 35’ and spread is 25’

RedPointe Maple Available in 2019


 Balanced, well-behaved growth and strong branch attachments with ideal angles make it an easy-care tree in the nursery and after graduation to streetscape, park or garden. A+ fall color is always delightfully bright, and summer foliage deliciously dark green. Tolerance of heat and drought, improved pest and disease resistance and tolerance of higher pH soils have helped this youngster graduate at the top of its class. 

Oak Trees

Pin Oak



One of the most popular oaks among homeowners, probably due to their fast growth and good shape. Pin oak leaves turn red in the fall and then brown. They hold their leaves throughout the winter until new bud growth pushes them off in early spring. Pin oaks do not do well in soils with high pH levels.

 Mature height is 60' to 70' and spread is up to 35' to 40'

Red Oak



A fast growing oak that transplants easily. It has red fall color and the leaves hang onto the tree into winter. Red oak is a great tree for larger yards or other similar areas. 
​Mature height is 60' to 80' and spread is up to 50'

Swamp White Oak



Grows well on either wet soils or drier upland sites. Has a unique peeling bark on its branches and is becoming more popular among landscapers and homeowners. Foliage turns yellow then brown in fall.
Mature height is 50' to 60' and spread is 40' to 50'

Bur Oak



Tolerates a wide range of soil types and will do well on wetter sites as well as dry upland areas. Bur oaks are large stately trees with deeply grooved "corky" bark. Fall color starts yellow and turns brown

 Mature height is 60' to 80' with similar spread

Sawtooth oak



Prefers moist, well drained, acidic soils of moderate fertility, but adapts well to relatively poor, dry soils of neutral or slightly alkaline pH. It thrives in full sun to partial sun. It is basically disease and pest free and native of Asia. Its leaves turn yellow in fall and remain on the tree through winter. Acorns from sawtooth oaks are relished by wildlife 

 Mature height is 60' with similar spread.

Chinquapin Oak



A worthy specimen for larger lawns, estates, or parks. A medium to large size oak with dark green leaves in summer turning yellow-orange to orangish-brown in fall. The acorns are at the top of the food preference list for many wildlife species. Grows 40'-50' high with a similar spread

Flowering Trees

Cleveland Pear



Very similar to Bradford Pear but not as prone to the splitting and limb breakage as Bradfords, a much better alternative. Cleveland Pears are very fast growing, loaded with white blooms in the spring, have great shape with no pruning and one of the last trees to lose its leaves in the fall.
Matures to a height of 30' to 40' with a spread of 25' to 30'




Developed at the University of Illinois, Prairiefire is a very disease resistant crabapple. It has very bright and deep pink colored blooms and a reddish tint to its bark.
Matures to a height of 15' to 20' with a similar spread

Eastern Red Bud



A native tree that is loaded with dark pink blooms in the spring. Red Bud trees are an understory tree that do better in locations that are shaded for part of the day. 

Mature height is 20' to 30' and spread is 15' to 30'

Spring Snow-Crabapple



Has a large number of pink buds that open to very fragrant white flowers in spring. Does not develop fruit and has good heat tolerance.
Matures to 25' to 30' with a 15' spread

Red Jewel-Crabapple



An upright pyramidal tree offering a different shape from most other crabapples. Red jewel has an abundance of white spring flowers. red fruit hangs on into late winter.
Matures to 15' tall with a 12' spread

Canada Red Cherry Tree



Very hardy ornamental tree with early green leaves becoming maroon in late spring. Fragrant spring flowers are followed by sweet purple fruit in summer. Height is 20' to 30' with a similar spread

Other Deciduous

River Birch



Many folks fall in love with the peeling bark of the river birch which gives it a year round attraction in any yard or landscape setting. It thrives and grows rapidly on wet sites but also does well on drier site once its roots are established. River birch is resistant to the borer which decimates other birchs.
Mature height is 60' and spread is 40'




American sycamore is a massive tree and can attain the largest trunk diameter of any of the Eastern U.S. hardwoods. Its bark is unique among all trees being a combination of mixed green, tan, and cream.  
Some sycamore trees can reach mature heights of over 100'

Skyline Honeylocust



An excellent street and lawn tree that does well in extreme heat and cold and seems to almost thrive where seasons are defined. Not picky about soil. A fast grower, but wood is not brittle. The small ferny leaves provide a light mottled shade and turn yellow before dropping in the fall. Matures to 50' with a spread of 30-35'.

Tulip Poplar



Tulip Poplar is a fast growing shade tree with unique "tulip-shaped" leaves. Does well on either a wet or drier planting site. In fall, its foliage is spectacular, turning yellow. Tulip Poplar can grow to heights of 75-100' with a spread of 35-40'.

Windbreak Trees

Eastern White Pine


 Single or double rows of White Pine planted as windbreaks or privacy are perfect for the flat Illinois prairie. Windbreaks properly spaced from building or roadways can help eliminate drifting snow in front of your buildings or driveways. 

Norway Spruce


 Single or double rows of Norway Spruce planted as windbreaks or privacy are perfect for the flat Illinois prairie. Windbreaks properly spaced from building or roadways can help eliminate drifting snow in front of your buildings or driveways.